Noun: A person with no clue of how to do anything. A bumbling idiot. Usually loved and adored by other bumblefucks, thus creating a colony of bumblefucks.
Bumblefuck Queen: Lawdy, I've just been elected as your class president, and my first act will be to move prom to Popeyes and make No hands our class song.

A reasonable person: How did a bumblefuck like you get elected? Oh right, you guys swarm together.
by Edward Rosewater July 10, 2011
a far off, remote place

somewhere that no one has ever heard of
Our football team is out somewhere in bumblefuck, Georgia playing a game.
by Prys Bayless December 05, 2006
in the middle of nowhere. far from where one wants or needs to be.
"I should be in L.A., instead I'm in the Honeymoon Haven motel in Bumblefuck, Missouri because you won't go out when it rains." Rain Man
by grizzlymaster April 17, 2009
an exaggerrated term for, middle of fucking nowhere
We are in the Bumble Fuck of Texas, El Paso
by montizzy April 30, 2008
A person who goes through their life very similarly to how a bumblebee flies- slow, clumsy, and troubled. Aerodynamically impossible, but somehow they manage.

They can be well-meaning jackasses who make stupid mistakes, or complete idiots who have no idea what they're doing, but continue to pursue their dreams of pollination. Sometimes they're endearing- it takes all types.

You don't want them near delicate objects, or within 50 feet of a china shop.
Bill, that bumblefuck, ended up burning the eyebrows off his face with a blowtorch last Tuesday in effort to make an ice sculpture for a girl he loved.

Nancy, head bumblefuck of the local high school district, invested a large percentage of the school's money in stocks that failed.
by Stripper Expert March 05, 2009
A place that is so in the middle of nowhere that that

the only thing to do for fun is watch the bumblebees fuck!
I thought I was on the Moon, but really just bumblefuck, Kentucky.
by Sharky23 January 12, 2012
A mess-up or situation that is worse then a Fuck Up but not as bad as a Cluster Fuck
Guy 1: What the hell just happened?

Guy 2: This whole thing is a Bumble Fuck

Guy 3: It could be worse, it could've been a total clusterfuck

Guy 1 & 2: True, True
by Nikkonikko August 15, 2009

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