Bumblefuck is a person who by way of word or action misrepresents the outstanding level of intelligence/professionalism of his fellow workers through ineptitude, ignorance or stupidity.

In order to prevent bumblefucking, use the spell check feature before sending an email.
Bumblefuck asked,"we'z all like to have yuz hep us out with a problem hear, so can i speek to someone who can hep me with this thimajig or it'a gunna stop a workin?" (Should have used spell check)

Bumblefuck McCord wrote a letter to city council. Now we all looked somewhat retarded.
by Medicman October 21, 2005
Top Definition
noun, middle of nowhere, usually used with a cardinal direction, such as North, South, East, or West. Origin: Ghetto
"Where you at?"
"East Bumblefuck! Ah donknow"
by Anonymous November 04, 2002
a place in the middle of nowhere
They sent me out to east bumble-fuck
by www.evilrobotmonkey.com May 23, 2003
out in the middle of no were , usually used as an expression
What the fuck are u doing over there in bumblefuck land?
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
the place between philadelphia and pittsburgh
scranton or wilkes-barre is an example of bumblefuck
by DREWDOMZ October 07, 2006
the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as East Jesus, Gimby, Good God, etc.
"He lives out in Bumblefuck"
by stuckhere October 06, 2003
Bumble Fuck: noun
Meaning: A rural/small town area that few people will ever know, or hear about.
I live in the middle of no where.
I live in bumble fuck, Pennsylvania.
by randy 007 May 29, 2006
the middle of fucking no where
bobby goes to college in bumblefuck.
by Lor Skelly September 08, 2008
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