Jamaican patois meaning blood clot. One of the worst expletive in Jamaican language.
Yo, go suck your mother you fucking bumbaclot.
by Ryan April 22, 2005
(bum-ba-claw(silent "T"))

"The tent's upside-down you bumbaclot!"
by the anonnymouse August 15, 2008
A clot in the anal area. Most use it to express anger.
Wha dee BUMBACLOT na massa?!
by JDCreationz December 09, 2002
a word used to tell your co worker they suck.

most commonly used at skateparks
hey bumbaclot help them out , then when your done clean the bathrooms
by quickfeet April 16, 2007
The offspring of a man who had sexual intercourse with a donkey.
Man, look at that fugly ass bumbaclot over there. Don't let me drink too much tonight. I don't want to be going home with her.

That bumbaclot gave me a lap dance last night at the club and now I think I have AIDS.

I saw her baby pictures yesterday and the baby looked like a total bumbaclot.
by metr0hh January 15, 2011
1.a jamaican word that shows anger and disgust toward someone else

2.a word of awe
1.ge ya bumbaclot ass outa meh fukin house bwwooyy!!

by coop a loop65432165 November 05, 2006
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