When someone has a wedgie. Thier bum looks as though it is eating the pants.
"Holy, someone's bumhungry, pick that wedgie out!"
by Kourtneyy January 30, 2008
Top Definition
To have a throbbing want or need for anus.
Facinated or obsessed with arse.
Signs that one is BUM HUNGRY:

•Will attempt to steer conversation to shit, farts or anal cavities at any opportunity
•Has butt related websites at top of 'favorites'
•During sexual encounters, will waste no time in attempting to put fingers, penis or inanimate objects in your arse
by Luci Lockette January 27, 2006
wanting men, possibly being a homosexual. Toey for penis.
Watto is so bumhungry!
by tom wynter June 10, 2006
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