ring stinger, driller for vegemite, turd tapper
if your dad was a bumbandit, you'd never have been born, you useless turd tapper!
by sisko the brave May 12, 2003
Top Definition
A slag term for a gay man who likes to put his cock up another mans anal passage. See ass bandit or arse bandit Also see gay
"That guy is a blatent bum bandit".
by Dacarlo March 13, 2003
A gay person.
There are lots of bum bandits in the Castro.
#bum #bandit #bum bandit #bum bandits #bumm #bumm bandit #bumm bandits
by Dr. arp June 21, 2009
A slang term for male homosexuals, referring to their desire for anal sex with other males.
1st Guy: Dude, there goes captain fag and the bum bandits!

2nd Guy: Uh, that's Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats...

3rd Guy: Well duh, that's what he said...
#gay #homosexual #bum #anal #fag
by Blasted Foreginers! May 02, 2008
Lovells trainee from somewhere like Haywards Heath with a penchant for lifting shirts and blowing little boys.
See that Lovells trainee outside that Roman Catholic boys school - what a bumbandit!
by Alfonso-Adolfo-San (bowing) October 22, 2004
To playfully but forcefully shove one, two or three fingers up a mates bum,usually accompanied by a loud cry of "BUM BANDIT"
Ewan: "BUM BANDIT" * shoves fingers up Adam's bum

Adam: owwww, you fuck
#bum #violation #arse #anus #arsehole
by cocknob17 February 26, 2009
I person who like to lick bums, mosty mens. They are regarded as scum in sociaty and should all be shot.
'Jack was a great bum bandit, he does it all the time with ashly'
#jack #bum badit #bum #bandit #cowboy
by Waltonator555000000 May 24, 2007
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