another term for an older brother who drops out of college and wants to get paid to live in a cardboard box
man...ur such a bum
by bunniechild March 10, 2009
A form of outdoorsman. He who the clowns imitate. The booze nose, the blown toe shoes, oversized pants, undersized topcoat. Stereotyped as society's failure. The bum is one big impropriety, a social failure. He's the man listening for the jingle of change in the bottom of every man's pocket. Don't let him know you have something he needs.
Look at that man lying face down in the financial deep end. Son, that is a bum.
(v.) To love something, often sycophantically.
1. This song's great, you'd bum it so much
2. He likes Star Wars because he bums George Lucas
by MarkJohnson January 30, 2007
To lend someone something.
To give someone something, with the idea they will at one point do it for you in return.
Hey, bum me a cig.
Bum me some gum.
by Strands57 December 19, 2006
nothin better than a fine woman's "Bum", they make me happy in the pants (if u know what i mean)
that chick has a nice bum i sure would like to stick my willy in it.
by assman July 16, 2003
1. a person that is attractive
2. something that tastes good
3. something that looks good {food or person}
(typically used in Richmond, Va and surrounding areas)
ONLY used as an adjective
1. Girl that dude is too bum.
2. I made a cake yesterday and it was too bum.
3. That chicken you made look bum.
by luxious n tastie December 21, 2010
Some one that is a 'Bum' is someone that ditches you for others also knows as SELL OUT.
"You coming boi" "nah man having a chiller" "you absolute BUM"
by I Mozza I May 01, 2009
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