Zhamoyani McMillan; a celebrity for being stupid.
That guy is such a bum.
by The Zebra January 14, 2013
1. a person that is attractive
2. something that tastes good
3. something that looks good {food or person}
(typically used in Richmond, Va and surrounding areas)
ONLY used as an adjective
1. Girl that dude is too bum.
2. I made a cake yesterday and it was too bum.
3. That chicken you made look bum.
by luxious n tastie December 21, 2010
Some one that is a 'Bum' is someone that ditches you for others also knows as SELL OUT.
"You coming boi" "nah man having a chiller" "you absolute BUM"
by I Mozza I May 01, 2009
verb, -med, -s

To love or adore a person, entity, or activity intensively.
He bums Barack Obama
by cd2342 March 14, 2009
A hobo or an arse.
You are a bum with a bum who lives in a box.
by Sooey May 25, 2004
nothin better than a fine woman's "Bum", they make me happy in the pants (if u know what i mean)
that chick has a nice bum i sure would like to stick my willy in it.
by assman July 16, 2003
1. a homeless person
2. a person who sponges off of other people
3. saif
person 1: "dude, i totally saw a bum on the corner today!...the saif kind!!"
person 2: "ohhh that sucks!"
by emilie :) January 27, 2011

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