Butt Ugly Mom.
(opposite of MILF)
Your Mom is a total B.U.M.
by Alpha Doug February 09, 2009
Rocco Dimeco
what he is in his everyday life at Norwich University a bum!
by Sincerly; Josh Brown December 08, 2008
a bum is another word for a hobbo
hey look at that bum
by captain save a gay November 30, 2006
beat up monkey
wow dude you look lik a bum
by iamcanadian123456789 August 21, 2011
a person who says stupid things from time to time and a name to call someone if you want to call them something cool
susie is a bum because she is a bum
by parker003 December 09, 2009
Another word for cool.
Those are some bum photos!
by drillerkiller October 05, 2009
adj; incredibly cool, unusually awesome, uniquely fun; life-changing.
that party was so bum!
by samrex October 04, 2008

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