means a fine sexy guy. someone you diggin'
damn, he's looking well bum today!
by baby gurl xoxox April 19, 2005
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A hobo or an arse.
You are a bum with a bum who lives in a box.
by Sooey May 25, 2004
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Derivate from the Word "bumm!", the german version of "boom!" which (the german version of course) is widely used in the translation of comics by Carl Barks.

The derivate "bum!" is to be found in abundance in comics by Katz&Goldt, two cartoon superstars from Germany. Using the word in german comics provides a intellectual tongue-in-cheek connotation to all those notorious Donald Duck books.
by chig May 28, 2003
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Food or drink that tastes nice (Common in/around Greater Manchester)
"Orr that scran was bum yah know!"
by Specs March 01, 2016
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A word that is usually used in the United States,in states such as Virginia and Maryland.Depending on the context,it can mean cool or attractive.
Cameron: "What does Alicia's older brother look like?"

Danielle: "Oh, you mean Mike? Dude is straight bum,yo!"

Cameron: "If he looks that sexy,I wish I could have seen him."
by Teisa k. March 12, 2009
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Someone who sits around all day and watches movies.
Berr is such a bum, all she does is sit around all day and watch dirty movies.
by Donthatesonn December 01, 2009
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In Fantasy Football, a player who is extremely overrated. He is projected to be a strong player for that season, but plays awfully.
Guy 1: Chris Johnson has been awful this season.
Guy 2: I know dude hes a real bum.
by Leeeeeee4 November 19, 2011
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