A person that lives on the streets smells like ass runs at your car while you are stoped at a red light baggin on your window got any change? or they run up and half ass clean the windshild with a squgee and muddy water makein a mess of your car. They sit around with signs sayin will work for food while drinkin mad dog or boones farm they never make any sence when they talk and they always call you buddy. They sleep in boxs,dumpsters,park benchs with a paper over their face. They crap in allyways,gas stations,your sidewalks,the street and hardly ever wipe their ass.
That fuckin bum just splashed muddy water all over my clean window.
by tube666 November 21, 2006
A nice lookin person who u find attractive just another word for >stush,kriss,sexy,buff)
That man is bum
by Charlene.w July 17, 2003
Food or drink that tastes nice (Common in/around Greater Manchester)
"Orr that scran was bum yah know!"
by Specs March 01, 2016
When something is extremely pleasant, particularly in relation to food.
'Those pancakes were proper bum.'
'Did you enjoy your tea?' 'Yeah, it was bum.'
by kuhfporrtrpoehng December 05, 2014
In Fantasy Football, a player who is extremely overrated. He is projected to be a strong player for that season, but plays awfully.
Guy 1: Chris Johnson has been awful this season.
Guy 2: I know dude hes a real bum.
by Leeeeeee4 November 19, 2011
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