to borrow something from someone;

a homeless person;

the butt
chick 1: "hey can i bum a smoke off you?"
dude 1: "hey look at that bum! he's all like, poor, an' shit."
chick 1: "not .cool."
chick 1: "man, i ate shit yesterday on my board and broke my bum."
by love-bruises March 06, 2007
The verb 'to bum' is used to describe the act of either, sucking up to, following or loving somebody or something.
'Did you see Jason in class today? He's such a teacher's pet he totally loves to bum Mr Matthews, its sick.'

'Oh em gee sarah was totally bumming Emily alll yesterday! They were stuck to each other like glue and i mean woah they arn't even bffs!'

Sally: I bum you!
Melanie: I bum you too!

by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
to not work, or its useless.

why doesn't that woman have any kids?
oh, she's git a bum ovary.
by realforlife April 21, 2008
A thing you have to jump over on a skateboard.
I just jumped a bum.
by austintheoneguy May 12, 2007
What insecure teenagers and adults call normal people in an effort to bring them down to their level.
Joe is so nice and smart. I am not nice and smart like Joe. I am jealous. I wish I could be nice and smart too. I will tell my friends he is a bum.
by dm400 November 28, 2005
A boxing term used to label easily-beaten and out-of-shape/unskilled/past-their-prime boxers who should never have stepped into the ring to face stronger competition.
He couldn't last a full first round against real professional boxers like Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns. Instead, his victories only came against a series of aging bums, each of whom were sent into the ring after being paid a few bucks by unscrupulous boxing promoters.
by Joe Bloggs II August 19, 2012
In Fantasy Football, a player who is extremely overrated. He is projected to be a strong player for that season, but plays awfully.
Guy 1: Chris Johnson has been awful this season.
Guy 2: I know dude hes a real bum.
by Leeeeeee4 November 19, 2011

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