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somebody considered to be lazy, irresponsible, worthless, and/or homeless.
patrick: taylor, why are you being such a bum?
taylor: i dunno. its just who i am
by psuts January 01, 2008
A thing you have to jump over on a skateboard.
I just jumped a bum.
by austintheoneguy May 12, 2007
to borrow something from someone;

a homeless person;

the butt
chick 1: "hey can i bum a smoke off you?"
dude 1: "hey look at that bum! he's all like, poor, an' shit."
chick 1: "not .cool."
chick 1: "man, i ate shit yesterday on my board and broke my bum."
by love-bruises March 06, 2007
What insecure teenagers and adults call normal people in an effort to bring them down to their level.
Joe is so nice and smart. I am not nice and smart like Joe. I am jealous. I wish I could be nice and smart too. I will tell my friends he is a bum.
by dm400 November 28, 2005
In Fantasy Football, a player who is extremely overrated. He is projected to be a strong player for that season, but plays awfully.
Guy 1: Chris Johnson has been awful this season.
Guy 2: I know dude hes a real bum.
by Leeeeeee4 November 19, 2011
A homeless person with no job, no dignity, and collects trash. Mostly known as a "johnathan" or "clayton".
Asshole 1:"Look at that bum...I'm glad my name isn't johnathan".
by S1@Y3R September 06, 2008
The people you see on the side of the road holding up (Need crack) signs.
Whoa!look at that bum over there,Yeah he needs a job!
by sarababyy. January 14, 2008