The thing you go pewpie out of.
"Sit your bum on that toilet and let loose!"
by Groovatron March 01, 2002
means a fine sexy guy. someone you diggin'
damn, he's looking well bum today!
by baby gurl xoxox April 19, 2005
A cat who can't play no ball!

Unathletic. No talent having mofo.
Don't pick that cat! That dude a bum!!
by reggie December 16, 2004
To love greatly. Originally associated with music. When one is obsessed/near obsessed with something and goes on about said-something or can't stop listening to said-something . Also used in conjunctment with other sexual terms abused in a similar way
"Bills Bums milo to t3h max0r"

"gawd, i bum Tool too much. They cause me to climax *goes red* "

" stop bumming Brian, your gonna rip his intestines out"

"J bums Atd-i then cums all over its face"
by Forsty February 06, 2005
Really sad British slang that the British use every time they try to define arse.
What's really sad about bum is that if only the British would say ass when they mean ass, instead of mispronouncing arse, they wouldn't need to define arse, and wouldn't feel compelled to say bum.
by Fly On The Wall January 03, 2005
a word used by youth not unlike the word "smurf" used by smurfs. It is used when a apropriate word can not be bothered to pop out of cool peoples minds... i.e " i'm gonna go bum my buddies"
" where have u been?!" "bumming my computer"
by Nana March 27, 2005
When you 'bum' something or someone this means you tend to become obsessed with the thing you bum. It means when you like something/someone a little too much.
Girl: Ahh i hate shirley she well bums fall out boy.
by x-Abbie-x May 15, 2006

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