BUM is an acronym for Butt Ugly Man
Fundala: That homeless looking man over there looks way cuter than that ugly man in the 3-piece.
Fundo: How ironic. Those bums need to switch places.
by authOOr August 08, 2006
sumone who has really nasty breath, wears really nasty clothes, and baths whenever it rains, and is sum1 who comes up to u all drugged up at mardi gras and tells u and ur friends meaningless jokes about cannibals, babies, and clowns and laughs at himself
Dude, that bum in the yellow t-shirt just spit in ma face while telling a dead baby joke and rubbing my head with his rotting hands.... i will smell like him for weeks!!
by Shmu June 03, 2004
a butt!!!

...lol wutt else is there??
Iz jus a butt!!
lol omg luk at thet bum!!! it big alrite it big!!!
by Penelope sajdfhkashf May 01, 2006
means love. like replace the word love in a conversation with 'bum'.

can also use words like

bumming (we're in bumming at the moment) bummer (he's a bummer)
eg, 'i bum that guy so much'
by mellie bum December 19, 2005
a very fine, attractive and sexy gal.
Punit: Ronak, look its Bobjeet, she's buuuuuuum.
Ronak: Tel me bout it bro, she amazingly buuuuuuuum.
by 1ron May 04, 2005
1) your rear end
2)a very sexy individual who can be a bit of an idiot at times
ryan is a big but loveable bum
by xunbreakablex July 31, 2005
to bum is to really love or be obsessed with something. if you bum something to a certain extent, its said to bum it blue. there are also different levels of bummage.
i proper bum it i love it so much
by grotbags July 25, 2005

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