Word meaning "cool" Used in tv show, Nathan Barley by the "idiots" Who think they are trendy.

Its used liek irony, but not. 'cos they have the belief that, if its ironic or contreversial, its cool.
Now that is well bum!
by MajorFool May 24, 2007
A fool with no money and no home, begs for spare change. Gets turned down regularly.
"Let's kick that bum in the head."
by Ausmus January 27, 2003
1.To bum is to love or appreciate someone deeply, but not to be in a sexual relationship with the aforesaid person. 2.Or to fancy somone uncontrolbly.
3.Or to want to engage in a homosexual act.
1.Adam I completly bum you.

2.Omigod that guy completly bums you.

3.Jack u want to bum Ben cos you are a big gayer.
by Scorerrific July 20, 2004
The art of sticking your sausage in another man's bunghole.
get out of my way good sir or i will bum you!
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
Beautiful; Sexy; Thick; Pretty; etc.
Dat JANT is bum as a bitch.
by Darryk September 07, 2003
something that looks good.
something or someone you're diggin'or someone who looks fine.
you see a fine man and you tell your girlz, "That man is bum!"
by Jem..tha diva06 March 07, 2003
1. a buttcheek (singular)
Most humans have two bums, a right bum and a left bum
by lova of sharyn lee November 06, 2005
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