To lend someone something.
To give someone something, with the idea they will at one point do it for you in return.
Hey, bum me a cig.
Bum me some gum.
by Strands57 December 19, 2006
a person who says stupid things from time to time and a name to call someone if you want to call them something cool
susie is a bum because she is a bum
by parker003 December 09, 2009
adj; incredibly cool, unusually awesome, uniquely fun; life-changing.
that party was so bum!
by samrex October 04, 2008
1. a word used by stoners to describe something that is good or desirable.

2. to borrow without the need to repay someone
ex 1- hey dude i just had this bum sandwich, wanna bite?
-man thats shits dank

2- yo can i bum a cig off you
- man you are always bummin shit
by RVA March 21, 2006

A nice way to personally and now urban Dictionarily define the word people keep calling you or you just know you are ^u^
Im BUM and I live in a box!
by tardwoot January 24, 2011
a lazy person. Especially ones in college who do nothing but watch Jeremy Kyle and look up Chat Roulette all day.
Examples include Michelle McGrath and Siobhán Whyte are such bums. The big riiiiides!!!
by shivvy143 April 06, 2010
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