To lend someone something.
To give someone something, with the idea they will at one point do it for you in return.
Hey, bum me a cig.
Bum me some gum.
by Strands57 December 19, 2006
The verb 'to bum' is used to describe the act of either, sucking up to, following or loving somebody or something.
'Did you see Jason in class today? He's such a teacher's pet he totally loves to bum Mr Matthews, its sick.'

'Oh em gee sarah was totally bumming Emily alll yesterday! They were stuck to each other like glue and i mean woah they arn't even bffs!'

Sally: I bum you!
Melanie: I bum you too!

by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
to give sex up the rear end...
i bummed brendon urie/Ryan Ross

by sacajewia and fetus August 29, 2008
Use, Have, Get.
Can i bum a cig?
by Kaija February 04, 2004
fit, fine, hot, sexy
shes gonna be fucking bum when shes older
by tom and steve October 25, 2003
A nice lookin person who u find attractive just another word for >stush,kriss,sexy,buff)
That man is bum
by Charlene.w July 17, 2003
When something is extremely pleasant, particularly in relation to food.
'Those pancakes were proper bum.'
'Did you enjoy your tea?' 'Yeah, it was bum.'
by kuhfporrtrpoehng December 05, 2014
A boxing term used to label easily-beaten and out-of-shape/unskilled/past-their-prime boxers who should never have stepped into the ring to face stronger competition.
He couldn't last a full first round against real professional boxers like Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns. Instead, his victories only came against a series of aging bums, each of whom were sent into the ring after being paid a few bucks by unscrupulous boxing promoters.
by Joe Bloggs II August 19, 2012

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