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To take a full shower using a public bathroom sink.
I took a bum shower today because I am homeless.
by nitraine January 22, 2006
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when a guy stinks really bad and instead of taking a shower he cover's it up with axe body spray
Holy shit that guy smells like ass and axe body spray, he must have takin a bum shower
by mikeyc18 April 28, 2009
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A hand-held device used to clean ones anus with a jet of water after using the toilet.
Originating in India, this device is rapidly replacing the use of a mug for the same purpose.
Dave: Damn it, that burrito I ate gave me runny shits. I'll be leaving brows streaks in my underpants for a week now.
Kumar: Why not use a bum shower? It removes all fecal matter and leaves a minty-fresh aroma.
Dave: Great! I'll try it.
<Dave uses a bum shower>
Dave: Excellent! My ass is minty-fresh and my laundry bills will go down!
by Lord Ownage February 21, 2015
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