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Lips pursed in such a way that they resemble an anus.
"Don't kiss me with those silly bum lips, give me some tongue you penny-farthing driving fuckarse."
by j-oshua October 15, 2009

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Kissing someone whom has previously licked a bumhole.
"Why are your lips brown?"
"I just kissed my girl, man!"
"Did you know you have bumlips?"
by RichieC-RichieDoo January 19, 2009
A crackin chapped lip
When lips are severely chapped due the cold weather and a crack develops towards the centre of the lower lip causing the lip to look like a bumlip
by Al The Kemist November 23, 2007
when a mans breath smells of shit
matt: my breath smells
brett: go brush ya teeth then bumlips
by brett mate December 05, 2007