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(Weebl and Bob) A disease in which the eyes are replaced with buttocks. It is contracted by being sprayed with eye poo.
Bob, you have the bum eyes?
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by sminturn July 13, 2006
insult, bum-like eyes
bumeyes bumeyes bob is a bumeyes
by eej January 27, 2005
1) A fictional illness referenced in the Weebl and Bob toons.

Symptoms include the swelling of the flesh around the eyes until sight is impaired and the upper half of the face resembles the buttocks. Short bursts of sight can be achieved by altering the pressure behind the eyes, but the escaping air can also cause the sufferer to emit a fart-like sound from their face. Attempting to achieve this too often results in a spray of 'eye-poo'; possibly a foul-smelling pus similar to diarrhoea.

2) An insult derived from the above definition.
1) "Sam got punched in the face last night - he looks like he caught the Bumeyes!"

2) "You suck."
"Well, you got the Bumeyes, so ner!"
#weebl and bob #bum #eyes #fictional #illness #insult #ailment
by ME December 18, 2007
Small. peculiar looking French person with extradorinary eyes. Also capable of making 'bum-faces' and the occasioanl 'bum-comment'.
"Bum-eyes you donkey-raping-shit-eater."

"Yes mate."

"Stop making bum-faces."
by Dirt King May 20, 2004
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