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when last nights curry takes revenge on your pucker piece
often requires fridge chilled toilet paper to help
"shit me that madras is taking it's revenge on my pucker piece it's a real bum burner!!"
by yannyboy April 25, 2006
an australian sausage style pepperoni with a lot of little fatty bits and chili. Very spicy and a guaranteed sinus clearer. better than Vick's vaporub. Tastes wonderful in toasted sandwiches. The name 'bumburner' most likely refers to what happens after it goes through the digestive process and burns your butt when defecating.
man 1: g'day, mate. did you 'ave one of those bumburners i gave you?
man 2: sure did, mate. it was hotter than an outback summer
by Braidz February 15, 2009
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