"Daddy, what do I do with this fudgesicle?" ... "Well, Jonny, you can stick it in your bum bum".
by john November 24, 2003
what a kid calls someone so fat they have two asses
kid: mummy wook at dat bumbum!
by fookoff June 18, 2005
1. When two people are absolutly crazy over each other in every possible way.

2. When two people can not live with out each other and are crazy in LOVE

3. To be in love

4. crazy in love

5. Love Love Love

" saki and val are bum bums"

" saki is crazy for his bum bum"

" val will never leave saki...hes her bum bum "
#val #saki #ingrid #darnell #forever
by valbum January 11, 2008
Primero, you gringos desgracia'os, the pronunciation is BOOM BOOM. There are two types of bum bum. There is straight bum bum and there is gay bum bum. you want gay bum bum or straight bum bum?
"BUM BUM here!";
"BUM BUM! talk to me!";
"Let's go, BUM BUM! I can't wait all day.";
by D-Mau November 24, 2003
anal sex, or the love of another mans anal area. bumbum refers to man on man sex, as they both have an arse that is "penetrable", therby being two "bums" included in the sex.
"dont try and hide it, we all know you like the bumbum"

"those gayboys love a bit of bumbum"

#bumfun #bumlove #bum sex #anal sex #gay
by jonobello January 29, 2006
ghandi look alike being, who is always in search for bum, and once the bum is found, eating takes place. Usually takes place in DHS and said to be quite dangerous!
ravi eats bum ; ( ravi is a bum eaaater!)
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
da ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ass March 08, 2003
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