1.) A complete ho-bag bitch
2.) A woman who is highly undesirable.
Dude, my girlfriend is such a bum bitch, she hooked up with a buncha guys last night.

That bum bitch was naggin on me all day.
by Brad March 09, 2004
Top Definition
A bitch who has nothing going on in her life, usually by choice and sometimes by circumstance. She is not in school, does not have a job and usually has 1 or more children out of wedlock with an Ashy Larry type bum nigga. She is loud, has tattos, may wear stank looking weave, hygiene is questionable and she is not very desirable, unless you are an Ashy Larry bum nigga, desperate. Bum bitches like to drink and smoke, snort, etc for free!
That bum bitch smoked and drank all of my shit and didn't contribute anything. What a bum bitch!
by Alinas August 05, 2011
Some guy who's so completely whipped by his bitch ass girlfriend that he's too afraid to or can't break up with her.
Dude, my friend tried to break up with his girlfriend again last night. As per usual she said no and forced him to take her to dinner and go down on her as an apology. What a little bum bitch!
by unionjackie April 25, 2014
Bitch with no job, and no life and no future. Spends all day running her mouth and causing drama instead of getting a job to take care of her kid(s). Refuses to let her kids father see his kid unless he is sleeping with/dating her. Throws a temper tantrum like a 2 year old when she doesn't get her way. So pathetic her kids father(s) have to pretend to be in a relationship with her so that she lets him/them see their kid(s) and she actually believes them. Obsesses over her kids fathers girlfriends because she can't be them. Will always be the "other" bitch
Jennifer-lee angelo is a bum bitch.
by Fact sharer May 27, 2015

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