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When receiving oral sex, tap your pleasurer on the shoulder to get her attention. Then you should touch your thumbs to your head and spread your fingers like moose antlers and make any strange noise. Then, punch her in the face.
Dude, check out that chick. She's totally bullwinkle surprise material.
by Rik January 06, 2004
when you're getting a girl in the butt and then out of no where you make you're hands look like antlers and yell "MOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and when she looks back at you, you punch her square in the face and run out of the room as fast as possible.
"Yo man, you're girls face is fucked up!"
"I know, i gave her the good ol' Bull Winkle Surprise."
by zakisonfiire April 18, 2009
When you're fuckin a chick in the ass then when you're about to spager you put your thumbs on your head with your fingers up, yell random crap and she looks back all confused and you punch her in the face then you put your dick in her mouth and spager
time for a bullwinkle surprise
by Toristo June 13, 2004

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