a.) A person who tells lies to get out of bad situations.

b.) A person that chats with someone who is incapable of understanding sarcasm.

c.) A person who lies to get in good with another.
I had to be a total bull shitter to keep from being grounded.
by Pitoyable May 02, 2005
Top Definition
someone who lies so fucking much its unbelieveable
dale blackburn , bullshit king
by dale blackburn bullshit king November 30, 2003
Someone who lives and breathes bullshit.
Even the carbon dioxide that they exhale has bullshit.

They have the tendancy to lie about the smallest things to make themselves seem better.
Tommy: Wow Cindy, You're slow. I finished my chemistry homework yesterday!
Cindy: Yeah right.
-Few hours later-
Tommy: Cindy! I need help with my chemistry homework!
Cindy: You just told me you finished it!
-Few hours later-
Cindy: Tommy is such a bullshitter
by MyNameIsJonas August 25, 2006
An inveterate liar. A person whose life is so empty they have to invent grandiose yarns and daring exploits to make people think they are anything other than sad pathetic losers.The king of bullshitters is a guy called Eddie and one of his outlandish anecdotes is transcribed below.
"So I got a bite and I reeled it in and it was a 500cc motorbike. Kick started first time. Went down to Birmingham for the weekend on it. Pulled two girls and did them both in the hotel room while snoting coke off their tits. Just as I joined the M6 on my way home the front wheel fell off. Couldn't fix it so had to do a wheelie for the full 120 miles."

"Jesus! You bullshitter!"
by Dave Mars January 16, 2007
One who talks shit, never has anything to back it up and never admits to talking shit.
Art is a classic bullshitter. He talks out of his ass and never backs up anything he says but he will never admit it.
by Mery Lopez. July 15, 2005
Some one who just talks the biggest load of crap ever. They just won't fucking shut up!
Paul: Oh yeah i know, i can complete Halo without firing a single bullet on Legendary!!11!!

Mate: Yeah, Yeah, BULLSHIT!
by The Mate May 16, 2005
some one that talks bullshit every time they open their mouth!
Mate 1: Hey Mate... you know that Rob, he is the biggest bullshitter ever!
Mate 2: Word!
by Wilo March 04, 2005
Someone who will claim he drank 2 litres of vodka and was not drunk.
Someone who claims he has many girlfriends who come to his house and sleep with him.
Someone who generally compulsively lies and everyone who speaks to him knows it.
Degenerate of society.
"Hey dude, guess what"
"The other night i took on a gang all by myself, each one was down"
"Shutup man, thats bullshit, Your just one big hairy bollock of a Bullshitter."
by MrManc420 October 21, 2009
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