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A great TV show on Showtime the Pen and Teller do, it can sometimes be insulting but it delievers its point well every time, with humor that will cause one to luagh their ass off.
Bullshit is so funny, I luagh myself to tears when I see a episode.
by Simon Hawthorne July 15, 2006
19 21
this term my friends is THE GLUE that bonds america together. george carlin calls it the american okaydoke. some examples are......god is watching you, the good guys win, justice is blind, the press is free, your standard of living will never decline, land of the free, home of the brave, the american dream, all men are created equal, your vote counts, business is honest, THE POLICE ARE ON YOUR SIDE, and everything will be just fine. our official national bullshit story folks.
Bullshit - america simple enough right!!
by otoolio72987 June 10, 2010
7 10
exactly how it sounds...its bull shit
you dont wanna step in this
on the ranch...

benny: whats that smell?
bob: DUDE! you stepped in bullshit!
by abcdefgfijklmnopqrstuvwxyz December 31, 2008
12 15
Your submission was canceled before it was reviewed by editors.
"Your submission was canceled before it was reviewed by editors." is bullshit.
by zuffix August 05, 2007
18 21
1. See electoral college.
2. Verb meaning to pass by the skin of one's teeth in school. To do crappy assignments and still manage to pass your classes.
I bullshitted my way through school.
by Lucy Li November 11, 2004
19 22
glorifying yourself through fabrication
people who are dying to live.
by stasie January 01, 2004
13 16
Things said that have little to no bearing to reality and/or the truth.
Everything that comes out of Glenn's mouth is bullshit.
by eviljed August 26, 2002
11 14