The promulgation of falsity, especially through pretentious misrepresentation or deception of a truth.
1. "My car just drove on water!"
Bullshit. This person's car obviously didn't drive "on" water. They may have, perhaps, driven through a small puddle on the road and therefore gone on to make this claim to spark further interest in their otherwise dull story.

2. "Tom made, like, 5 trillion dollars from his website last year."
Bullshit. Assuming that the statement was not said out of sarcasm (ie - Tom is actually broke), the aim here was to exaggerate Tom's revenue so that the audience become aware that Tom made a lot of money from his website.

3. "Jack is as sick as a dog at the moment."
Bullshit. What a profound claim to make, considering it is impossible to know what it is like to be a dog, let alone a sick one. This person has no intention of lying, but their claim about Jack is entirely irrational.

4. Sincerity.
by adammcarth August 01, 2014
Feces that exits a Bulls anus in a slithery fashion so slowly landing onto the ground "Splat" then sitting on that same spot for 6.2 Hours until someone steps on the 6.2 Hours Old feces.
Dude. (Points At Bulls Anus) Thats Some Bullshit!
by Grilled Onion Number 2 March 18, 2014
When a bulldog and a shitzu have cross bred
Guy: nice dog mate! What breed is it?
Owner: It's a bullshitww
by Dumb and Dumber. February 18, 2014
YOU are full of bullshit.
by KS12345 October 23, 2011
The diarrhea you get from drinking too many Red Bulls
After killing that four-pack, I spent the afternoon on the can with the bullshits.
by Rascar October 08, 2011
An expression of anger.
Those neighborhood kids threw their baseball through Carl's windshield. When he found out, he was bullshit!
by obamafan987 August 21, 2011
National Rifle Association.
Ku Klux Klan.
British National Party.
European Union.
American Nazi Party.
Most of what comes out of a far-right-wing and far-left-wing's mouth.
Examples, listed above.
by ComradeDmitri May 26, 2004

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