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When a bulldog and a shitzu have cross bred
Guy: nice dog mate! What breed is it?
Owner: It's a bullshitww
by Dumb and Dumber. February 18, 2014
Term of disparagement and ridicule of (mainly) ideas and utterances.
The view that god is benevolent, or malevolent for that matter is bullshit. The entity called God is amoral.

Synonyms: bullshit, nonsense, drivel, hot air, crap, crapola, dung, bird droppings, dog poo, ratpiss, floaties, compost, manure, toe mud, indecorous, horse patties."
by atomou October 24, 2013
Charley, a boy who lies to make friends
Thats charley bullshit, lets jump him
by jimbob pie October 18, 2012
What people around the world, whom it is not known by them that which is good for them, are starved for.
Person 1: Thaart Theere is a deal, the footlong sub, only five dollars. Why... it's for less than a gallon of gas!

Person 2: bullshit!?!
by Florideutsch Boy April 10, 2008
-The stuff coming out of a bulls ass
`The Iraqi people have got weapons of mass destruction!`
-`Oh no, that is bullshit`
by Jhonssens November 21, 2007
(noun)- an action or event performed by someone that is extremely aggravating to others.

(verb)- to complain or act in a way that aggravates others

(adjective)- something useless, ridiculous, stupid, annoying etc.
"Sarah always complains about the traffic. I'm so sick of her bullshit."

"Whenever Jack has a bad day at work, I have to listen to him bullshit for the next 3 hours."

Patrick- Jenna's such a nice girl
Cameron- That's bullshit! She's the biggest slut i know!
by Cacitta August 19, 2007
4) When a bull takes a dump.
5) who the hell doesn't know what bullshit is?
Boyfriend: My dick is 2 feet long.
Girlfriend: BULLSHIT!!!!
by BukakePokeMyBalls May 09, 2011