"People these days always call it "anal intercourse" or "anal rape." Bullshit. Cornhole. It's a man's word: shotgun, chainsaw, cornhole." -George Carlin
by :Plolzugotzcornholedz August 12, 2010
cross breed between a bulldog and a shi tzu
person 1: hey dude what kind of dog is that?
person 2: its a bullshit
by wolfwes April 13, 2008
National Rifle Association.
Ku Klux Klan.
British National Party.
European Union.
American Nazi Party.
Most of what comes out of a far-right-wing and far-left-wing's mouth.
Examples, listed above.
by ComradeDmitri May 26, 2004
Entirely false information often solicited by Jehovah Witnesses, politicians, and common everyday hicks. Also as a verb: soliciting said information.
My, George W. , what a great Bullshiter you are.
Am. hist. teacher:"Now, why did you choose to take Am. Hist.?"
student:"I like learning about those who made our country what it is."
teacher:"what excellent bullshit
when you completely disagree by someone explanation
Itachi: How sun is purple?
Spifo: dear I know what is sun and how does it look like but you have agree what women/girls says if u have to live in this world
Itachi: Bullshit
by UchihaItachi April 03, 2015
The outcome of a Bulldog and a Shih Tzu combined to make a hilarious breed.
Man 1: Hey, what do you call a Bulldog mixed with a Shih-Tzu?

Man 2: Don't know, what?
Man 1: A bull-shit!
by ErmahgerdAntonio February 27, 2015
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