All four years of high school
The only thing I learned in high school is how to effectively bullshit.
by Ochiphius April 30, 2016
Bullshit is when your fed up with the shit life throws at you
I am so fed up with your Bullshit.
by Rosalia Love March 15, 2016
90% of the definitions on this website.
90% of the definitions on this website are bullshit. They're just illiterate douchebags who ruin their lives with drugs and being arrested 30 thousand times.
by A-person_yay April 28, 2014
The diarrhea you get from drinking too many Red Bulls
After killing that four-pack, I spent the afternoon on the can with the bullshits.
by Rascar October 08, 2011
An expression of anger.
Those neighborhood kids threw their baseball through Carl's windshield. When he found out, he was bullshit!
by obamafan987 August 21, 2011
"People these days always call it "anal intercourse" or "anal rape." Bullshit. Cornhole. It's a man's word: shotgun, chainsaw, cornhole." -George Carlin
by :Plolzugotzcornholedz August 12, 2010
cross breed between a bulldog and a shi tzu
person 1: hey dude what kind of dog is that?
person 2: its a bullshit
by wolfwes April 13, 2008
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