1. A very clear lie.

2. Anything ridiculous, and/or unnecessary.
1. (On Facebook) Sees someone's wall post. "Truth is, you're pretty and nice.

2. Sign-No shirt, no shoes, no service.
You: What? This is bullshit, I'm leaving.
by nonamesleftassholes June 07, 2011
The cross breed of a bulldog and a shih-tzu, a bullshit is characterized as having the signature jowls and floppy ears of the bulldog, with the moppy tail and thick fur of the shih-tzu.
"Did Laura's dog give birth yet?"

"Yeah, to a very healthy litter of bullshits!"
by penguinface. April 25, 2010
Angry - (seems to be used this way exclusively in New England)
I'm bullshit with that guy. He ripped me off.
by k diddy January 26, 2004
A favorite tool of the mass conformist world who loves to use it to as a desperate attempt to fit in with society when they don't have the brains to think for themselves. But to intelligent people, they just look like bullshitting morons.
George Carlin: America's #1 industry is the marketing and packaging of bullshit.
by hunglikehuang October 14, 2006
Something very far from the truth.

I call bullshit.
by mwells August 20, 2003
Stupid or untrue talk or writing; nonsense. See Algebra II and Logarithm.
"When will I ever need these bullshit logarithms in the real world?"

"Algebra II is bullshit."
by swags mcgee September 21, 2013
Most of today's media, music and movies.
- Have you heard Lady Gag...
- Aw man please no more bullshit for today
by Another random guy August 18, 2013
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