the breeding of a Bulldog and Shih Tzu
Aww look at his bullshit
by ghettocowboy10 June 11, 2006
A cross of a bulldog and a shitzu.
Man, look at that ugly-ass bullshit walking down the street!
by dveltmands October 27, 2010
most of the content on this website
urbandictionary is so bullshit!
by Scottish Mafia January 22, 2011
1) complete lies and made up shit
"Larry is the biggest load of bullshit" ((((this statement is bullshit because it is a complete lie))))
by how fetch September 24, 2012
Angry - (seems to be used this way exclusively in New England)
I'm bullshit with that guy. He ripped me off.
by k diddy January 26, 2004
Somethin that seem untrue; a pitiful lie
That's some bullshit
by Giddy December 03, 2003
an insignificant excuse
That's bullshit to say you can't pay your bills because you're never home.
by Gerard Irick October 12, 2011

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