Used when disgusted or upset about something
1.When bobby was fired he remarked "This is bullshit!"
by jake November 30, 2004
1.) What a bull releases through defecation.
2.) The manner of talking nonsense and doing things to piss people off.
3.) To make false accusations and/or lie about what you or someone else is doing.
Quit jackin that bullshit!
by The Kentucky Yankee October 25, 2004
1. A statement made without regard for its truth, accuracy, or veracity. A bull shit statement is distinguished from a lie because a lie is a knowing falsehood, while bull shit simply does not care whether it is true or false.

2. An order, command, directive, or punishment that is unjustified or overly burdensome.
1. George was talking about how good he is at basketball, but it was all just bull shit.
Kid: My teacher told me today that Charlamagne was gay.
Parent: Son, that is complete bull shit.

2. I can't believe I got a $200 ticket for jaywalking, that's such bull shit.
This company policy defining sexual harassment to include light petting is complete bull shit.
by YR September 17, 2007
A television series on the SHOtime movie network. Hosts Penn & Teller debunk myths and stuff that is just plain out bullshit. Including Bottled water, Talking to the dead, PETA, and more. Has been on air for 2 seasons so far.
Ingrid: PETA Will continue to grow

Penn: Bullshit!
by iwannabeanalcoholic March 26, 2005
Nonsense. Shit that isn't real, is unproven, or is made-up.

Ghosts, homeopathy, Dianetics, Young Earth Creationism, god, geocentrism, alternative-medicine, UFOs, MLM scams, Nigerian bank scams, etc. are all types of bullshit.

Bullshit is something which is propagated and profited from because there are so many gullible people in our society.
When Cecil was going on about dinosaurs living with humans, he was talking about bullshit.

When Stiril tried taking Scientology courses, was being audited, and was reading L Ron Hubbard books, he was immersing himself in bullshit.

Agatha was bullshitting about Area 51 containing alien technology. There was no proof.

That article about alternative treatments has no evidence to support them - such bullshit!
by The man in a brown hat! September 29, 2010
a really fun card game, u gotta place cards down in order, like Ace, 2,3 4", it doesn't matter how many u put down, as long as u get rid of ur cards, if you don't have the card(s) u need to put down, just put card(s) down and say it's the card(s) u need to put down...if someone thinks ur lying they have to say "B.S." or "bullshit" if they're right, the person who lied must take the entire pile of cards, if the person who said B.S. is wrong they must take the pile. The first one to lose all their cards wins!
Joey: "3 6's"
Me: "Bullshit!" *flips the cards and sees a 3 a 2 and a 5*
Joey: "Damn..." *takes the pile of cards"
by Dirge May 22, 2005
to express an oppinion of disbelief
bull shit you don't have no 3 aces!
by gilli February 28, 2005

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