The atheistic incarnation of the universal religious concept of shit happens.
See shit happens for some of the other denominational incarnations of the universal religious concept.
by FridgeRaider November 08, 2004
1.) Bull's shit.
2.) When someone has been telling lies.
1.) There is a lot of Bullshit on the field today.
2.) What a load of Bullshit!
by psycho bitch March 31, 2004
The art of making yourself look good by deciept or misdirection.
Wally: I'm pleased to report another stellar week of accomplishments!! I moved more than 800,000 bits of data to a disaster recovery back-up facility!
Dilbert: Did you just take credit for copying a file to a diskette?
Wally: It was my resume.
by Kyle April 14, 2003
What people around the world, to whom it is not known that which is good, have been starved for.
Person 1: Thaart Theere is a deal, the footlong sub, only five dollars. Why... it's for less than a gallon of gas!

Person 2: Don't bullshit Europe!!!
by Florideutsch Boy April 10, 2008
life. see also living
man, life is bullshit...can i borrow ur sawed off shotgun? i promise i wont get too much blood on it...
by 379 April 05, 2005
male bovine faecal matter
oh bugger! looks like i just trod in a steaming fresh heap of bullshit. yup. thats what it was. bullshit.
by Bovine Faecal Man March 11, 2004
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