1) Crap
2) Ya Right/ Baloney/Lier
3) Your Lieing
4) Stupid, see also dipshit
Guy: I love you!
Kristen: I love bullshit more then you and thats pretty bad cause I hate that stuff!

Guy: I love you!
Kristen: Bullshit!

Guy: I love you!
Kristen: That's bullshit!

Guy: I love you!
Kristen: Your bullshitting me!

Guy: I love you!
Kristen: Your a bullshit!
by SAKURASAKU October 28, 2006
The place where I work
- “are you working today”
- “Bullshit”
by durrson online September 10, 2004
What you get when you mix a bull dog and a shitzo.
Sanchos: That a funny looking dog
Pedro Satereno: Yeah i thinks its a bullshit
by Man o Man April 30, 2005
The chatter commonly heard by high school students. It's all BULLSHIT! "I got drunk on NYE and NYD". WTF?!? That BULLSHIT! That's underage drinking, you dumb fuck! Or how about "So I like went to the mall and saw like Bryant so-and-so from my like 3rd period..". Nobody gives a fuck, woman!. "I gotta go to work at like 3:00, dude." Ok, bigshot, so you got a fucking job. Who cares! "If you don't leave me alone I will turn this classroom into a hellzone!" Yeah, man, who gives a...no wait, that's not bullshit. That's serious, but I wouldn't blame the person who said that for being honest.
See bullshit under Chipmunk's tag. I think I aleady gave some examples.
by Chipmunk January 07, 2005
Whenever Price says anything.
Yo I was driving my escalade and fucking smashed into this other car and just peaced the fuck out of there.

Yo I got a loaded hunting rifle in my trunk so if I get pulled over I'm fucked!
by Hanan February 12, 2005
it means everything on here is bullshit. like u fake ass gangsters righting definitions
all yall niggas is bullshit
by none of ya fuckin buisness December 02, 2005
Bullshit, synonomous with nonsense, rubbish, etc, is quite the common thing for people in this day and age to undertake

People tend to talk bullshit about everything from being fat, religion,

Here is a great advocator of the anti-bullshit cause www.ihatebullshit.com
I believe in God! (That's a good example of bullshit)
by jonislaw November 15, 2005

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