Bullshit is what one would call something that isn't true or he doesn't agree with. Bullshit and Shit do not mean the same thing.

Shit is what one would say when an event does not work out for him/her. For example , "The illegal bubbling concoction exploded, causing Dr. Granstein to rip off his tie and scream, 'SHIT!! I DID IT AGAIN!'"
Galileo: The Earth travels around the sun!

Church: Bullshit! The Earth is at the center of everything, and everything else revolves around it!

Galileo: Watch as centuries later, my fact becomes utter truth.

Church: You have the devil in you because you spoke ill of the earth! Go fuck yourself in jail!
by Courage the cowardly dog April 07, 2006
google touareg208. An average dumbass who wants to impress people because his own life sucks.
OMG I bought a Touareg with my own money!!

OMG I did it so I could boost my ego and e-penis

OMG theres a V6 in my Camry!! I'm super fast LOL!!

OMG I did it because you would make fun of me for having an even slower, still boring car lol
by Bob Patel November 24, 2007
You have just exceeded my threshold of tolerance and your credibility is in serious doubt at this time.
A strong verbal exclamation. Charley said "Bullshit"!!
by Charley Q August 27, 2006
-in reference to written works
a literary genre in which the author strings together large words and relatively advanced vernacular in order to make his subject seem important but in actuality he makes no point at all.
dude I totally bullshitted that last english paper
by The_Elusive_Janteeee May 05, 2003
The atheistic incarnation of the universal religious concept of shit happens.
See shit happens for some of the other denominational incarnations of the universal religious concept.
by FridgeRaider November 08, 2004
1.) Bull's shit.
2.) When someone has been telling lies.
1.) There is a lot of Bullshit on the field today.
2.) What a load of Bullshit!
by psycho bitch March 31, 2004
The art of making yourself look good by deciept or misdirection.
Wally: I'm pleased to report another stellar week of accomplishments!! I moved more than 800,000 bits of data to a disaster recovery back-up facility!
Dilbert: Did you just take credit for copying a file to a diskette?
Wally: It was my resume.
by Kyle April 14, 2003

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