The past tense of the verb to bullshit.
I'm writing this stupid French paper right now that has to be 500 words, and I've already bullshat 340. Almost there.
#related words: bullshit #bs #bullcrap #bull #full of it
by JDres October 23, 2007
Top Definition
Past tense of the verb 'to bullshit'.
I bullshat my way out of work to go to the game.
by khellendros1984 January 21, 2005
(v:past tense) stemmed from bull shitting
Him: Have you talked to Jim lately?

me: Oh yeah, the other day we drank and bull shat about high school and what we've been up to
#bull shitting #bull shit #talking #nonsense #lady gaga
by Breezy83enr May 18, 2011
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