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1. A direct forceful rush by a defensive player in football.
1. The quarterback was caught off guard and a defensive lineman picked up the fumble. His only choice was to bull rush.
by wakkadoodooo September 11, 2011
A game where you have to run from one place to another, while trying to avoid being tackled by the person who's in, because the person who's in has to try and tackle the other players before they can get past him. Once you're tackled, you're in and you too have to tackle the other players before they can get past you.
Me and my friends played bullrush last night.
by wills0 July 13, 2010
Packing a cigarette with half marijuana to get a buzz and high all at once therefor causing momentary sensation of paralysis.
man i bull-rushed a smoke and im so wheel-chair status.
by swag-tastic December 08, 2010
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