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A cow's testicles. Used in slang to describe something Shitty, or something that has gone wrong.
Aw, thats Bullocks.
That bullocks went wrong
by your mum ting December 15, 2004
A term Americans mistakenly use when they really mean to say bollocks.
"Bullocks"? Bollocks, mate, say it right!
by Bud Rugged July 29, 2004
Bull shit, a lie. But may be good if used as Dog Bullocks
Oh Mrs. Queen your dress is the dogs bullocks

"the dinosaurs were extinct when a giant fish came all over" Thats Bullock!
by Jonathan Ng November 07, 2007
bullshit; nonsense; balderdash

Slang from Britain that means bullshit
I can't believe they lost the game! That's such bullocks.
by Guy McDonovan December 03, 2003
A derogatory term used to call gays that perform anal sex in a hard fashion. The term comes from the word Bull as in ramming their horn.
I don't like to mess with him because he is such a Bullock in bed
by Dr. Jo Jack March 02, 2011
A young male cow, British slang meaning "Bullshit" or "non-sense", also used to man "Bully" or "enemy", and lastly, is used as an exclamatory for mistakes.
"Ye shall offer 2 newborn bullocks..."

"That's bloody Bullocks, no such word as alouicious!"

"The Gin-- Awww bullocks!"
by Eva 02 December 08, 2003