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An Awesome dog breed originating from england; mix of mastiff and bull dog. Originally used by estate game keepers to engage poachers and hold them to the ground without mauling them until the game keeper arrived. Extremely terretorial and protective of its owners and property. Good family dogs for people who have time.
The bullmastiff quickly tore the trespasser down in a powerful leap.

The bullmastiffs didn't miss a beat after eating a four pound bag of quick dry cement.

After being kept in the kitchen all day, the bullmastiff decided to chew his way through the wall into the hallway.
by Norte Borracho August 03, 2006
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135 pounds of short-hair nasty that will cause strangers to shit their pants while at the same time lick the hand of their owner and devour any vermin that walks its way. The PERFECT porch dog! Gets respect at the vet (you KNOW what I mean). Little girls back away, then when you say, "No, it's friendly," smother the dog with huggs. It's why you love dogs in the first place!!
Oh, shit, that thing is gonna eat me-- Oh, it's just your Bull Mastiff.
by Fdale-boy February 17, 2011
someone that is extremely muscular that weighs more than 230 pounds and has massive lower body development
"how long have you been hitting calves? or have you always been a bullmastiff??
by bighock June 04, 2010

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