an IAC powerhouse...won the IAC championship the last two years. Win over landon (gong show) 10-0 last year in the state semis. of course landon always has some bullshit excuse as to why bullis has kicked their ass the last 5 games between them. Bullis clinched the IAC this year only 6 games into the season with yet another win over Landon. All IAC kids wish they could go to Bullis.
Landon kid: hey did you see the bullis hockey team?
other landon kid: yeah they are so good. i wish i could be them
by bullis hockey kicks ass March 08, 2005
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When I read that first definition, I couldnt help but laugh my ass off. Who won the IAC before u did? Landon did. The term "All Iac kids wish they went to bullis" Bullis gets tooled by Landon and Prep in almost every sport, and yet, still want to talk trash. Anyone from another IAC school wouldnt lower themselves to go to Bullis. Bullis is and will always be the public school u pay for.
Other Bullis kid- Whats hockey
Landon kid- Yeah we beat Bullis 15-0 in lax....but whats new
by Bullis=Sad April 10, 2005

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