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A person who is headstrong but to the point where theyre foolishly or irrationally stubborn; obstinately opinionated, especially in refusing to consider alternatives.

Basically theyre hard to work with because he/she believes they have all the answers, regardless of the facts or opinions.
Will is very bullheaded. He literally shuns my ideas because he thinks he has all the answers.

You are the most bullheaded person I've ever known!
by Jonn Taylor June 12, 2010
A very stuborn person. Usually used for men.
Wife: "He's just so... so..."
Friend: "Bull headed?"
Wife: "Exactly. I get so frustrated with him somtimes."
by Keegan September 17, 2004
The trait possessed by Andrew Repine and his family members. It exemplifies a person who takes the extra steps to get ahead in life and distinguish himself from the pack. Future billionaire, leader, family man, advisor, and friend.
Andrew Repine is bullheaded..
by Danny V April 13, 2005
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