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When surfing the act of turning your board sideways and blocking another surfer from catching a wave
That bastard Jacob just bull guarded me again.
by woody April 29, 2004

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hogging or taking advantage of anything; primarily smoking
"Hey man quit tokin' that. Don't bullguard that shit."

"Don't bullguard that shit, that last hits mine!"
by J03R May 21, 2008
Abruptly moving someone out of the way of what they are after and rightfully deserve. This can be done by physically pushing the person out of the way, or by going behind there back in an underhanded fashion. Often times this is unexpected by the other person. The person does this either because they need what the other person is after or they just don't want the other person to have it.
1. Man that guy totally bull guarded his way to the front of the line!!
by Bubblegum2008 December 02, 2008