when you throw shit in somebody's face . esp in prison esp. when you are in solitary confinement .
did you see when the cop was taking that rapist to his shower and Ricky called him over and had his trap open and threw that cup of shit all over them ? Man they got Bullfrogged
by BOBA1313 March 10, 2009
The act of stretching one's scrotum/nutsack over a bitch's mouth; the effect is reminiscent of the inflation of a bullfrog's throat-bubble-thingy. Nooch.
Jesus dude, you should have seen that slut's face when I bullfrogged her!
by talking goat June 20, 2003
sticking your index, middle finger and thumb in a rectum and opening and closing them
Dude i gave that girl a bullfrog last night and she loved it.
by joe August 13, 2003
fart, pass gas, release a foul odor from your butthole.
Man, that Clara girl always bullfrogs.
by The babysitter October 20, 2004
verb: when one pukes and shits and the same time.
I drank so many beers that i bullfrogged all over my sneaks.
by Anonymous December 05, 2002

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