Prison slang.
Any combination of urine, feces, blood, or semen, thats been mixed together and then thrown on a Corrections Officer or "Guard"
Officer Jones is an asshole, I'm gonna bullfrog him next time he walks by my cell.
by Marty27 September 27, 2011
An elaborate puppetry of the penis trick in which one clamps the foreskin shut with their fingers. The performer then begins to urinate, giving the foreskin the appearance of a puffed up bullfrog.
The bullfrog was the highlight of the puppetry of the penis show.
by bigforeskin April 17, 2011
The bullfrog is a sexual move where you place your scrotum over the womens asshole. She releases gas (farts) and the ball sack inflates making the appearance of a bullfrog.
My balls tasted like ass after the bitch bullfrogged me!!
by Studdy01 June 16, 2009
(Adjective) The way a fat person's face looks due to excessive fat under the chin.
Wow! Paul is really getting fat. Did you see the size of his mellon?

Yeah, he's bullfrog.
by quatros August 08, 2008
A drink developed in Trenton.

Consisting of Ginger Ale (Diet or Original) and Vodka... with plenty of ice swimming in it...
...ohh I could definately go a Bullfrog now.
by daniel double crown January 20, 2010
being extremely lazy and a slob; usually doing nothing but laying on the couch, smoking pot and drinking rootbeer all day.
Wow, Marcus did nothing but bullfrog all day... I think he went through a 6-pack of Barq's since noon.
by fellow diabetic July 23, 2006
The unfortunate result of what happens to your nuts due to too much down stroke during a bad {hand-job}.
She bullfrogged my nuts so hard it took me an hour to pull the sheet out of my ass.
by Scandall May 25, 2008

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