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A boorish youth with a skinhead or crewcut whose sole interests in life are violent activities such as cage fighting, football hooliganism, causing fights in pubs, and hanging around seedy gyms etc These activities are also their only topic of conversation usually through a sense of inadequacey. They are always found wanting when faced with a fair fight. Their ambition in life is to become a bouncer.
That Alan is such a bullet head, always causing fights after he's had two pints.
''Oi bullet head! Stop acting hard on those girls cos your with a gang''
by PWD July 05, 2006
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An insult akin to "butthead;" reserved for people who are fully convinced that their every opinion is correct, even when confronted with hard evidence to the contrary.
Terry Gross: "What are your inspirations for your character?"
Stephen Colbert: "Well, the slickness of Anderson Cooper, obviously Bill O'Reilly's pomp, and the incurious bullethead that is Sean Hannity."
by meddle October 09, 2007
the cousin of a fucknut see also assbag
by jpl August 20, 2003

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