Many kids mistake BFMV too be "Heavy metal". This is very very very untrue, although they do perform several Cover songs from Metallica and Ozzy they are still part of the Nu-Metal wave.

Nu-metal being the new wave of music that tries to inmate metal with many bands (but not all) screaming style vocals.

Whatever anyone says, They are considers "metal core" and "Screamo"

And anything "screamo" is usually "emo" and before people freak BFMV has done some emo-core songs.

"Scream aim fire" - that sounds emo enough for me.

Bullet for my valentine should not be confused with other genres. Too help with you knowing what really is metal try using Encyclopedia Metalum
Metallica Ozzy emo bullet for my valentine
by Wyattfilms April 21, 2009
an awesome hardcore emo band from wales. best songs are hand of blood and four words to choke apon. they have only had 1 album but its fukin amazing all the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i recommend anyone goin on this website to laugh at chavs do go and check them out
bullet for my valentine are the greatest!!!!!!
by chezza September 10, 2005
A shitty Trivium ripoff band with the most retarded fans. They think Bullet is better than Trivium. Because the whiny vocals are so much better then the amazing vocals of Trivium's frontman Matt Heafy. IF YOU ARE A FAN OF BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE YOU NEED A SERIOUS REALITY CHECK. LISTEN TO TRIVIUM OR SOMETHING NOT BFMV.
Dumb Fan: Bullet For My Valentine is the next big thing in metal and Trivium is very suck!

Average Joe: Shut up! and go kill youself you whiny emo! Trivium > BFMV!
by Manuvid August 18, 2009
lol, the cheesiest band in existence

but still i have to admit that i enjoyed "the poison" but all of their other releases are garbage.

and YES they are metalcore but bullet for my valentine is a very weak metalcore band, if u wanna listen to good HEAVY metalcore listen to...

august burns red, emmure, the devil wears prada, and fear before the march of flames

anyways, people please stop calling them emo or emocore
because emo or emocore are bands like

circle takes the square
textbook traitors

n00b: zomg bullet for my valentine is the most heaviest band evAr!!!!

xcore: lol buddy listen 2 sum emmure and then take that back
by XxKEV1N360xX April 20, 2008
Although it is the name for a popular Screamo band, it can also be used colloquially as a definition for that which is sub-par particularly in the realm of heavy metal and, to a lesser extent, emo/screamo/punk/alternative music. But really, who digs screamo music in the first place? Let this be a lesson to you.
1. Tim: How bad was that gig we checked out last night?
Blake: Pretty shit.
Tim: Yeah, totally "Bullet for my valentine".
Blake: No doubt.
by Miks84 June 16, 2008
an over rated, constantly mis-labeled band from the UK. They play metalcore music made for highschool kids with no real taste. they write extremely catchy, unorigional music which is sucked up by tons of kids from emo queers to metal heads.
Kid 1 : Man 4 Words (to choke upon) is the best song!!

kid with taste : Its pretty catchy i guess.

Kid 1 : Man, its FREAKIN Awesome. i love bullet for my valentine

Kid with taste : .... get a fucking clue, go listen to ur new atreyu CD fag,
by blackinator007 August 14, 2007
the best band ever along with all that remains, a7x, mcr, green day, iron maiden, and trivium
1. Bullet for my Valentine rox and emo people are not fags
2.whoever makes fun of emos and bullet for my valentine is a fagposer

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