the best band of all time
bullet for my valentine is comming to the tweeter center with iron maiden and my mom wont take me :(
bullet for my valentine are an incredible screamo/metal band from wales. Apparently they are good mates with funeral for a friend.

The Poison is their first full length album. The Poison and Room 409 are 2 of the best tracks from this album but the whole thing is amazing so its hard to choose the best track.

The best artist to come out of wales for ages!!!! Check them out and rock on!!!!
Bullet for my valentine are the best thing to come out of wales. ever.

by davetm December 10, 2005
An emo band from the UK, whos fanbase consist of teenagers in denial of what their genre is, who will go to great lengths to advertise the band on such websites as, in the hope that a person who is not a fan of their music will be converted by visiting their website and seeing their clearly un-emo song titles.

The band attempts to increase their reputation within the heavy metal community by covering songs by heavy metal bands, and turning up at inappropriate heavy metal festivals where it is quickly apparent they don't belong.

Bullet For My Valentines biggest financial weakness is it's fans, who are unable to fathom that their favourite band is in the genre of Emo; although their album sales are substantial enough to keep them is business, a large percentage of their fans aren't able to get permission from their parents to go see them in concert.
Person A: *listening to music*

Person B: what you listening to?

Person A: Bullet For My Valentine. They're the best band ever, even though I won't listen to anything else. Visit their website.

Person B: No thank you, I don't want to visit their website.

Person A: Shut up! They're not emo, you're emo! I hate you.
by pwrpete May 02, 2009
a metalcore band they are like a lighter Trivium kinda. They are from Wales...that sounds like a cool place. They covered Metallica's (Welcome Home) Sanitarium, and first covered Nirvana songs under the name Jeff Killed John. half of the people who listen to them are annoying teens who think they are cool but the rest are really metalheads. Emo and Scene kids dont listen to them...they listen to stuff like Hollywood Undead, Fall out Boy, Bring me the Horizon and other well uh crap. Bullet for my Valentine's lyrics consist of these topics God, love , anger, personal storries. They went by these names before desiding on BFMV: Jeff Killed John, Bullet, 12 Pints of my girlfriends blood.
Bullet for my valentine is coming to the concert hall down the street I think I might grab me a ticket.
by seed of something July 27, 2009
THEE most overated 'Metal Band' of this generation of Metal groups. They adhear to their record company's wishes, who are now the new brand of metal scaping the way for posers and naive fans. They have changed their sound to so they can be become popular, e.g, they were Nu-metal in the early 2000's when this music was at the height of popularity. Then that fad died, they next became Metalcore around the mid 2000's, because theis was now the new trendy style of Metal. Then that died, so they completely ripped of Post thrash pioneers Trivium and Lamb Of God, aswell as stealing many riffs from Iron Maiden and Slayer. Now trying just to be metal, singing about war and bloodshed, they're fans didn't like it, so they encorperated the Bullet formula, of Intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, breakdown, Solo, guitar harmony, end. Singing about teenage love over 4 chords, and trundling along in pop music timing, with the Vocals heavily auto tuned.
They have done nothing new for metal, they just play to the trends, and try and look bad ass, but having those sweet sweet lyrics to make 13 year old girls cream in the front row. They are not one bit innovative, and always complain about sony not letting them do what they want, well why don't they move to nuclear blast or roadrunner then?, oh yeah, song give 'em a shit load of money.
Bullet For My Valentine, and Itunes band.
by SAAm K April 18, 2010
the greatest band to EVER come out of wales. and for everyone who thinks that theyre just whiny little emos, lay off u bunch of fags!! they are a extremely awesome metalcore group not "emo music"!!! Matt, Moose, Padge, and Jay are very cool Welsh guys who know how to play music.
BFMV fan: god i luv Bullet For My Valentine!
fag:ugh that group sux u little emo freak go cut urself"
BFMV fan:(goes over to fag and kicks his ass) now whos emo u big baby?
fag:(walks away crying
by NEHWOOT15 November 06, 2009
A shitty metalcore band who, for some reason, everybody i no likes. They suck. They do not deserve to play metal. Anybody who is a huge fan of them is not a true metalhead. If you think they are okay, I think you're wrong, but I forgive you, as long as you like some real metal bands too. Fuckin Emo pieces of shit.
Person 1: "Dude, I LOVE Bullet for My Valentine."

Person 2: (Laughing) "Dude, go grow some nuts and start listening to some REAL metal, like Lamb of God or Metallica.
by Metalh3ad88 January 07, 2009
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