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A swedish treat that is oftenly accompanied with saft ( lemonade ) and other nice things.
1.Det va riktigt skönt att köra upp farmor's bullar i min anal.
2.Peter hjälpte mig att stoppa in en bulle i min penis-håla.
by david_of_sweden June 19, 2006
(1). Passionate Closure.

(2). {In} agreeance

(3). {Amen} Feels Better than Amen

(4). So nice!!

Bobie; 'That chick's got a fat ass man..!'

Fabrice; 'Bullé!!'


Martin; 'Harry is Well stoned...!'

Tivey; 'Bullé!!'


Waru; 'Fuck off!'
Jamba; 'Bullé!!'


Iraia; 'Lu senz is playing tonight'

Maria; 'Bullé!! Bullé!!'
by Bobie Bobzy June 24, 2011

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