to sprint full speed into someones garage door at night like ding dong ditching but louder more and people freak out when it happens.
I just went bulldogging and bulldogged the shit out of that dudes house there's a fucking dent in his garage door and his outside lights broken.
by Kingfozz October 22, 2011
Top Definition
Well, for those of you that are familiar with rodeo you know what that means. It's when one peson jumps off a horse and grabs the steers horns and tries to get all the steers legs off the ground for a spit decond, and it goes a little like this: There are two horses and a steer. One rider and horse on each side of the steer, the rider on the right is to keep the steer running in a straight line, the rider on the left will just off their horse and grab the steers horns and as quickly as possible try to get all four of the steers legs off the ground for a split second, and it's a hell of allota fun.
Cowboy up you pussy lets do some bulldogging, that steer ain't gonna hurt ya.
by Buckle Bunnie June 25, 2006
Losing total control of your bowels via diarrhea and vomiting at the same time.
You should have seen my bathroom after that broad left, she totally bull dogged the whole place. I needed a HAZMAT suit to clean up. Bulldogging is not a sexy thang.
by Kid Stardust November 24, 2008
When a male tucks his genitalia between his legs while nude and bends over, giving the appearance of a bulldog from the rear.
Guy 1: Man, I can't remember much of last night.

Guy 2: You were pretty wasted. You downed a bottle of vodka and then you started bulldogging my in-laws.

Guy1: Sorry son.
by nma12345 July 15, 2010
verb; Jutting out the lower jaw when tipping up a bottle at a club or bar as to not lose eye contact. Comes from the term "bottoms up." This creates the look of a bulldog.
he was bulldogging that bottle

He bulldogged like a champ
by Tiffagreg Inc Corp, LLC March 30, 2011
When having sex with a chick, you cum around her pussy, but not in it, and then eat her out, and when you're done, you look like a mad bulldog.
"shit, i was bulldogging this bitch for like five hours last night, and it took two hours to wipe the shit off my face
by Pgess November 25, 2006
Punking, Bowss, Being better.
aye man, remember when i punked this kid after i beat him in his own game... Straight Bulldogging.
by 510 Newark April 28, 2008
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