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Derivative of slang "bullshit" Basically a combination of "bull(shit)"+"corny". A jack-ass action or situation.
My sarcastic co-worker says "this is a defining moment in your life", as I create the definition for bullcorn at the urban dictionary website. I point out that, indeed, his statement is bullcorn.
by Chris Newman December 10, 2004
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n. Bull korn - 1. something that is seriously screwed up
2. a falsity

v. 1. to call out somebody's ridiculousness 2. the act of pointing out a gay/lame occurance
When Spangler was launched off the course in Mario Kart 64, just as he was about to win, he called an immediate Bullcorn

Bullcorn! Stop Bullcorning around Eakins!
by Alan Turner April 28, 2006
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corn of the bull
log with corn
Guy 1: "Can you mow your lawn in a hurricane?"
Guy 2: "Well I..."
by little grizzy June 29, 2008
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