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When people are making alot of noise,like about to start a fight or a group of people being loud,its called a making a bulla. Can also be screaming.
Dona Concha: Y que es esta bulla que ustedes estan armando a las 3 de las manana?

Sobrino: Sorry tia! We will be quiet!
by Mela la Nena September 28, 2008
Something wich is wonderfull in every known way, even anal.
that shits bulla in my ass
by Bulla September 06, 2003
1. A Homosexual (used in the West Indies especially Barbados)

2. Sometimes used as a playful insult towards friends
How you get to be such a bulla though?
by neekz76 February 01, 2011
Saint Bulla Shah was a Punjabi Muslim Sufi poet, a humanist and philosopher.
Saint Bulla was a famous poet of North India
by rc2696 October 21, 2009
another word to replace hella.

also see bull to understand the following example:
Damn, that bull is bulla bull!
by hella_bull March 20, 2005
balls,testicles, the thing that hangs from your dick
bulle pe maar laga
i hurt my balls
by PendeMeinKhujli November 27, 2004