When people are making alot of noise,like about to start a fight or a group of people being loud,its called a making a bulla. Can also be screaming.
Dona Concha: Y que es esta bulla que ustedes estan armando a las 3 de las manana?

Sobrino: Sorry tia! We will be quiet!
by Mela la Nena September 28, 2008
slang for penis in hindi.
gaand mein bulla.
"mein" = hindi for "in".
by bulla July 15, 2003
Saint Bulla Shah was a Punjabi Muslim Sufi poet, a humanist and philosopher.
Saint Bulla was a famous poet of North India
by rc2696 October 21, 2009
gand mein bulla
dick in ur ass
by LaKtE_JiGaR August 02, 2003
another word to replace hella.

also see bull to understand the following example:
Damn, that bull is bulla bull!
by hella_bull March 20, 2005
balls,testicles, the thing that hangs from your dick
bulle pe maar laga
i hurt my balls
by PendeMeinKhujli November 27, 2004

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