When people are making alot of noise,like about to start a fight or a group of people being loud,its called a making a bulla. Can also be screaming.
Dona Concha: Y que es esta bulla que ustedes estan armando a las 3 de las manana?

Sobrino: Sorry tia! We will be quiet!
by Mela la Nena September 28, 2008
A 14 stone love muscle that will tear an anal passage apart resulting in sphincter muscle failure and almost certain death. They are short, with a big fucked up head and skin everywhere but not much hair. Usually prey on small cavities like anus, nostrils and young animals like panda cubs, dolphin baby blow holes and meer cats.
"I would love to BULLA the life out of that small south african monkey."
"But you can't, its illegal."
"Ok then, bend over and i'll Bulla your anus instead."
by Peter O K August 22, 2007
The ruggedest lil'rugged you will ever find.
Bulla is gonna mess you up, break ya self
by KR March 30, 2005
A spanish word that means brawl or a fight, or a lot of noise.
Loko: ¿Quién está armando tanta bulla?
Killo: Na, unos gilipollas.


Loko: Who's doing that brawl?
Killo: Bah, some dumbasses.
by Kike January 13, 2005
Slang for dick/penis or lund in Hindi
Fishy( ze**), jerico and ali are all horny bullas
by trakmaster-bull-winki February 08, 2004
*stupid or not popular used as an insult
*used to an object which is crap or rubbish
"god ur so bulla u dnt do any think"
"thats bulla"#
by xJEHx December 07, 2003
Something wich is wonderfull in every known way, even anal.
that shits bulla in my ass
by Bulla September 06, 2003

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