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A drinking game. Those who are initiated into the bull moose club have to only drink with their left hands. If you are caught with a drink in your right hand, and someone who is also initiated into the bull moose club yells "BULL MOOSE" you are required to down the rest of your beverage.

To be initiated into the club, a bull moose member must fill you in on the rules above, and then you have to chug a beer to pay your respective "dues."
Two guys are at a kegger. Both have been in the bull moose club for years. One of them forgets and holds his drink in his right hand. Other guy says "bull moose bitch!". "Fuck now i have to finish the rest of my beer." the other responds.
by B. Crouse August 15, 2006
A drinking game that Bullmoose is called when someone is holding a beer with their dominant hand. The "victim" must then down their beer.
"Bullmoose Benny! Drink up!"
by Jesse Hoisington February 19, 2007
A game that is played while drinking.
If a player is caught drinking from his or her right hand, and another player calls "bullmoose" on him or her, he or she must then chug their drink. If they finish it with their right hand, and another player "bullmooses" them on their "bullmoose", they must chug another one.
by WBlake January 16, 2006
A very large female overweight by 200 pounds that acts, walks, & talks like a man.
damn that bull-moose be trifiling!
by freekydude May 28, 2008
having sex doggystyle and placing your thumbs to the sides of your head and extending your fingers like antlers. The girl (or guy) recieving is not supposed to know. If you have a witness you've joined the bull moose club.
Last night she had no idea I pulled a bull moose. Larry was secretly watching and now I'm in the bull moose club!
by h.d. March 08, 2006
1. A very strong moose.

2. A bull moose republican.
T. Roosevelt felt "as strong as a bull moose"
by Robert M. October 16, 2004
to own in a domineering way
The stupid boy was bull moosed by lil jon and the east side boys
by Mike Krezminski March 06, 2005
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