When something doesnt go your way

"when there is nothing else to say"

After every negative thing , you say this and it makes it funny
the world is bull fuck

Bull fuck in the ass
by Ross Lloyd June 07, 2010
something u say when ur really fucking pissed off! best used on queer motherfuckers when u want them to stay the fuck away from u and ur cock cuz theyre faggots and we straight people dont take that kinda shit! but can be used on anyone u dont like really...
hey queer, wanna taste of my goliath dick?? too fucking bad u piece of bullfuck! go bullfuck nathan lane and lance bass, not me u bullfucking cock-bobber! go sit on an upside down bar stool!
by jerusalemmadness October 08, 2009
Usually involves an extremely obese woman, a saddle worn backwards and a large didlo. The woman bucks wildly while the man tries to stay on by hanging onto a the dildo poking out of her vagina. There are no winners in this contest.
This poor bastard's body was crushed during a serious bull fuck session nurse. Pull the plug before he sobers up.
by doko February 02, 2008
A version of bullshit when bullshit just doesn't cut it
Chick fil a added pickles to my sandwich which made it taste like bullfuck
by Tsim Fukus October 31, 2015

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